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Emily, age 18, USA. Anime, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, MCU, Warehouse 13, Avatar, Hannibal, Star Trek, Merlin. Currently obsessed with Kagerou Project and Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.

Oh boy here we go… L’Belle’s gonna be a lot of fun I can tell…

Di-did they just reference Twilight here???

Same Apollo. This guy’s a piece of work…

finally meeting Fulbright!! His theme is really cool

These attorneys get younger and younger don’t they…


the greatest plan in history

Dai | Higurashi VN BGM

“I did that so many times, but it never worked!!”

Irie and Takano are surprised. They never expected me to raise my voice. In fact, I myself didn’t think that I would react this way. However, I can’t keep my emotions in check anymore when Takano suggests all those meaningless solutions.

“I’ve cooperated with you guys all this time! I never asked for anything in return and I just gave you my support!! But now you can’t save Satoko?! With all that power you have, why are you so afraid of saving Satoko?! The police and public services are useless! You guys only take advantage of us and never help us! Fine, I get it now! I know now that this world is nothing but a dead end!! I’m not interested in you guys anymore!! I don’t care about this world anymore!!

That’s right, I can never get away from my fate! It’s the same old fate that I keep repeating! You, just burn to death in the mountains! You, just take sleeping pills and commit suicide! I’ll die just like I always do, too! I’ll lose my life without knowing how I’m killed. This life is nothing but a dead end. I was born into this world just to be killed! Die, everyone, just die!!! There’s no meaning to this world anymore!!! Waaaaahhh!!! Waaaaaaaaaahhh!!!”

I can’t put words to my emotions anymore, and I start to cry. I was so lucky up until yesterday. I had so much hope in my heart, but now I’m devastated. I think everything is falling apart now.

I’ve lived for more than 100 years. I’ve lived longer than a normal human lifetime. I thought I was blessed with good fortune for the first time in my life. This is never going to happen to me again. I thought a miracle was happening to me, but everything is shattered now…
I cry and curse this world…

I need to give up on my life now…
Satoko will be waiting for me with a smile on her face in my next life. I want to go see her…

Ryukishi07 sprites - Rumiko Chie & Kyousuke Irie


minagoroshi-hen basically

please watch this


6*6 by みしね

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